Melvin Varghese

Hi. I’m Mel.

I’m a licensed psychologist in private practice, girl dad, husband, podcaster, course creator, and founder and CEO at Selling The Couch.   

In private practice, I work with founders of color, VC-backed founders, and founder dads manage anxiety, depression, and burnout that comes with business growth. 

My partner and I are both high-achieving professionals raising a daughter.  So I also consult with fellow high achieving parents who want to raise high-achieving kids who accomplish what they’re meant to but are also resilient and psychologically healthy.

At Selling The Couch, I help therapists go from clinical to online income and impact. 

My speciality is in launching and grow successful podcasts and online courses. 

I wanted to create this simple website to share all the stuff I’m working on. 

Appreciate you stopping by. 




A free 7-day email course to validate your course idea

online course starter kit

a community for therapists creating their first course

stc elite mastermind

a community for veteran course creators looking to grow and scale sustainably

establised elite

lessons learned from 1.8 million+ downloads) and a 6-figure online business built around my family

using podcasting to grow your business

A podcasting course and community for therapists

The healthcasters

have your business reach 18k+ listeners/month

podcast sponsorship

online therapy for founders of color, venture-backed founders, founder dads with depression, anxiety, and burnout. i also work with high-achieving parents raising high-achieving kids struggling with depression and anxiety. 

private practice