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Relief for Entrepreneurial Stress

The entrepreneurial journey is an emotional roller coaster.

Up one moment.

Down the next.

Going in an unexpected direction just when you have it figured out.

And the worst part: it brings up “our stuff.”

Maybe you have always been scared to fail.

You thought you had it in check.

But this latest news has you up at night.

Your mind is racing all over the place.

Sprinting from sales funnels to UX to that last time you had a brilliant idea and it crashed to the floor.

The gift to think 10 steps ahead as an entrepreneur is getting in your way.

Their Reality
Their Reality
My Reality
My Reality
Or maybe you have a brilliant idea and want to make a big impact in the world.

But, deep inside, you wonder if you’re an imposter.

You put on a confident face for the world.

But deep inside, you’re terrified people will discover “the real you.”

Messy, imperfect, and definitely not the highlight reel other entrepreneurs post on Snapchat or Instagram.

Now, imagine a life where you’re getting sleep and bursting with creative energy the next day.

Imagine that every mistake doesn’t crush your soul and make you wonder if you should go back to the 9 to 5 grind.

Imagine moving forward with your dreams even though you’re terrified.

Imagine you’re in charge of your roller coaster.

Fear and doubt are just along for the ride.

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with fear of failure or imposter syndrome, please reach out.

Though the details of our story might be different, as an successful entrepreneur and psychologist, I understand.

Let’s get you relief.

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