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CEO Stress

You love your business.
It’s been amazing to see a tiny idea grow into a full-fledged company with you leading it into the future.
Yet, as a CEO, you never imagined that business growth would bring so much pressure and overwhelm.
Lately, you’ve been feeling sad, worried, and frustrated.
You even have a headache right in your temple that doesn’t seem to ever go away.
It feels like all you do is put out fires.
You miss the old days where you could just create and didn’t have the pressure to manage and make what feels weighty decision after decision.
You watch your company grow yet inside there’s a part of you that feel like you’re disconnected from it.
In private moments, you wonder if it was such a good idea to built this out and whether you’re really cut out for this.
You’ve reached out mentors but even their suggestions just don’t seem to help what you feel inside.
And talking to loves ones?
Forget about it. Their intent is good but don’t seem to understand the pressure you’re under.
You know you’re a component CEO.
After all, you’ve grown your business to the success it is.
But you just don’t feel like it lately and don’t want to end up bitter, depressed, burnt out and back to the 9-5 grind.
I help founders with practical tools and strategies to help you navigate the stress of transition from a solopreneur to a CEO.
Having grown my own company from just me to a 5 person remote team, I understand the new levels of stress that business growth brings.
I believe that our sessions should be practical (vs. you just talking about your feelings).
Even after our first session, you’ll be able to implement what we’ve learned.
Over time, you’ll feel reconnected and purpose driven.
You’ll be able to make decisions with calm.
Sure stress will be there, but you’ll feel more confident in your ability to handle it all.
My hope for you is to feel reconnected with the part of you that felt pure joy as your company grew.
If you’re ready to move from stressed to a calm and collected CEO, please contact me for a consult.