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Entrepreneurs From Alcoholic And/Or Dysfunctional Families

You’re proud of the business you’ve built.  But lately you’ve been feeling more stressed, sad, and angry.  How you react to things has gotten more extreme (and confusing). 

You snap one moment, shut down the next, and feel overwhelmed by even small decisions. 

You isolate yourself and drink more.  You’re intimidated by other “influencers,” and wonder how “they have it all together” when you’re barely treading water. 

You say “yes” to things without even thinking it through because you don’t want to disappoint people. 

You take criticism personally.  You feel guilty when you set boundaries and stand up for yourself. 

You’re brutally hard on yourself and analyze/reanalyze every decision. 

You’ve been called “bipolar” and, in private moments, you wonder if you really are. 

But in other moments, you realize that the family you grew up in and the dysfunction you dealt with bleeds into your business. 

Maybe you grew up in a home with a parent who drank. 

The majority of the time, things were fine.  Even your friends and their parents admired your “perfect” home. 

But then there were “the episodes.” 

Fits of binge drinking by a parent, yelling, or violence that caught you off guard and made you scared for your life.  

And, more often than not, the next day, everyone pretended like nothing had happened.

Overtime, your body and mind learned to anticipate these, to protect yourself.

And now you notice that, as an entrepreneur, your mind is constantly on hyper-drive, trying to anticipate the next fire to put out (even if there really isn’t one or it could be better dealt with by a team member). 

It’s exhausting.

Now imagine running your business where decisions are not made based on how you grew up. 

Imagine getting a great night of sleep and waking up eager to take on the day’s challenges.

Imagine a mind that can be clear and focused when needed but relaxed otherwise.

Imagine feeling confident in the decisions you make, knowing that you have the skills and resources to handle any challenges that arise. 

I help entrepreneurs with growing businesses and influence work through the pain of childhood trauma and alcoholism.

I’ve familiar with ACOA.

Even after the first session, you will be able to implement what you learn and see patterns you’ve likely never seen before. 

Over time, you will feel more at peace and confident. 

My hope for you is to build a business that you truly love and make decisions that are authentic to what you want.

If you are ready to move from hopeless, angry, and frustrated to confident and content as an entrepreneur, please contact me for a consult.