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Selling The Couch

Hi there! So I originally created this podcast for mental health private practitioners who wanted to become better business owners.  But I’ve since expanded it to include topics related to entrepreneurship and an honest look at my own business journey (the good, bad, and ugly!).  It’s also grown from 9 downloads on day 1 to over 800k 5 years later!    

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Interested in Working 1 on 1 with Dr. Melvin?

As I shared on other pages, I absolutely love working with successful entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of fun but I also know that current stress or past trauma can impact our businesses, our health, and the people we become.

We’ll use effective and  time-optimized psychotherapy including mindfulness to help you feel better, learn to ride the up’s and down’s, separate business volatility from their self worth, and ultimately create a business that aligns with deeply-held values.